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Hotel facilities usually include en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning or climate control, telephone facilities, an alarm clock, a television, and internet connectivity (free, or to be purchased.)The rooms may be equipped with a mini-bar, a kettle, and tea and coffee making facilities. Larger hotels may provide a number of additional guest facilities such as a restaurant, a swimming pool, and childcare services. Many hotels also offer conference and social function services.

For further details, please contact our representatives.

Ms. Sujeewa Amarasena

+94 112 426 972

Mr. Suranga Liyanapathirana

+94 112 426 807






Boutique Hotels/Villas

Boutique hotels and villas are usually luxurious, personalized, or quirky hotels environments. They differentiate themselves from the larger chain and branded hotels and motels by providing personalized accommodation, with superior services, focusing on ambiance and privacy. They are also known as "design hotels" or "lifestyle hotels."

For further details, please contact our representatives.

Ms. Kumudini Gunawardena

+94 112 426 957

"Please note that the guidelines for both Boutique Hotels and Boutique Villas are the same. However, Boutique Villas must have a minimum of 5 rooms."


Guest Houses

Guest Houses are small establishments with 05 or more letting bedrooms. They often cater to Free Independent Travellers (FITs) and offer only basic amenities and facilities compared to hotels.

For further details, please contact our representative.

Mr. NalinHettiarachchi

+94 112 426 945


Home Stay Units/Bungalows/Rented Homes & Apartments

Home stays are becoming popular providers of tourist accommodation. This is the practise of renting out a room or residence of a local resident. The terms of home stays may vary and are usually agreed upon in advance between the host and the guest.

For further details, please contact our representative.

Mr. M Jeyakrishnan

+94 112 426 908

Mr. Dayananda Ratnayake

+94 112 426 947/ +94 112 426 806




Service Apartments

Service Apartments offer similar services to hotels, but they provide mini-apartment style units, rather than stand-alone rooms. They utilize a booking system similar to a hotel and offer amenities including a kitchenette.

“Please note the following is a draft version of the gazette and is in evolution. Kindly do not base your final construction/business plans on this document. You may, however, refer to this for purposes of discussion, and as to what may potentially be future law.”

Ms. Sujeewa Amarasena

+94 112 426 972

Ayurvedic Hotels

Ayurveda is a type of indigenous traditional herbal medicine practiced in Sri Lanka. These establishments offer treatments that may include massages, steam baths, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga, under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Physician.

Hostel Accommodation

A Hostel Accommodation is a budget-oriented, shared-rooms or "dormitory" accommodation for individual travelers (commonly backpackers) or groups for short-term stays with common areas and facilities.

Mr. M Jeyakrishnan

+94 112 426 908




A Tourist Accommodation facility developed according to a “Theme” based on  environmental and/or cultural features capitalized with design, fixtures and materials,  highlighting the “Theme” enabling the guest to see, feel and experience the “Theme.”

Ms. Kumuduni

+94 112 426957




A camping and/or caravanning site is defined as a demarcated area of land specifically developed to provide sleeping accommodation either in tents or in caravans and also common amenities for living, in an environment bordering or encircling outstanding natural or cultural attractions. These can be located either in a restricted area (e.g. wildlife, nature and forest reserves or buffer zones or sacred areas) or in a non-restricted area.

For further details, please contact our representative.

Mr. Anupa Ranaweera

+94 112 426 977





A restaurant prepares and serves food and drink to customers. Meals are generally served and consumed, in-house although a takeaway and delivery service could also be available. Restaurants vary in appearance and offerings. A wide variety of cuisines and service models are offered.

Guests could be served by waiters or obtain their food from the counter or serve in buffet style.

Our staff at the SLTDA are always on hand to assist potential investors.

Ms. Namali Wedumpuliarachchi

+94 112 426 975


Spa & Wellness Centre

An aura of tranquility embraces you as you enter the precincts of an Ayurveda Health Centre. You are also advised on how to maintain your health and beauty. You are cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and wrapped in a rich herbal paste of flowers, bark, and leaves and rested, for juices to seep into your body and enrich your soul.

Almost all prescriptions used in curing are produced by raw materials found naturally and no artificial substances are used. These would come from the roots, stems, barks, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits & nuts of many a plant. From the animals: milk, honey, pearls, musk, shells and from the earth: iron, gold, silver & copper are used.

A tourist is initiated to this great form of medication through Ayurvedic Health Centres, Health Spa's and Wellness Centres they frequent while on tour on our island. Most of the treatments practiced in these centers are based on Ayurveda and in some centers Japanese, Chinese & Thai methods of therapy, as well as Aromatherapy, is used.

Treatment is always administered under the guidance of an Ayurvedic medical practitioner or expert in spa method treatment. Combining the Ayurvedic form of medicine gives you not only relaxation of the mind and body, but will also treat the organs of the body to function properly through the administration of drugs using natural ingredients in relieving deep seated diseases as well as maintaining your good health.

Our staff at the SLTDA are always on hand to assist potential investors.

Ms. Kumudini Gunawardena

+94 112 426 957


Spice Gardens

Today spices are grown in spice gardens of Sri Lanka for export purposes and to be used medicinally and in Sri Lankan cuisine and also as agro-tourism projects.

Cinnamon that is grown in spice gardens of Sri Lanka has been a favorite spice since ancient times. The plant is native to spice gardens of Sri Lanka. The smell of cinnamon in spice gardens of Sri Lanka is the sweetest and most delicious.

Cardamom is popular in the Middle East and is one of the most valuable spice crops of spice gardens of Sri Lanka. Cardamom plants require a shaded environment.

The real secret of the spice gardens of Sri Lanka is the curry leaf tree. The aroma coming from the freshly picked leaves can spice up an entire curry dish. It is a scent that can be smelled all over Sri Lanka and India.

Our staff at the SLTDA are always on hand to assist potential investors.

Mr. M Jeyakrishnan

+94 112 426 908


Tour Guides (Chauffeur / National Guide / Area Guide / Site Guide)

SLTDA offers tourist guides, chauffeur tourist guides and travel agents many varied types of training to ascertain their competence at the job, and to maintain industry standards. The Sri Lankan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management has been set up to equip young men and women in the multifaceted field of Hospitality and Travel.

For further details, please contact our representatives.

Mr. Neranjan Welipitiya

+94 112 426 971



Tourist Friendly Eating Places

An establishment with a minimum of 8 covers and a maximum of 39 covers where prepares and/or serves food, drink, and dessert to customers on the commercial operation.

The “eating places” which are taken into consideration here are the places that do not comply with gazetted registration guidelines for restaurants by SLTDA but similar places that cater to the domestic and foreign travelers mainly in touristic areas.

Grade A – For those places who got more than 75% at the final inspection

eating places

Grade B- For those places who got between 50% and 74% at the final inspecti

eating places

Way Forward…
It is intended to implement the same Certification scheme in all tourism zones in the country and to give publicity to the logo of “Tourism Friendly Eating Places” in Local print and electronic media and in international magazines and websites.

Mr. Anupa Ranaweera

+94 112 426 977


Tourist Shops

Shops that are set up for tourism purposes are permitted to sell merchandise from a fixed location, such as a department store, small stores and through the post. Retailing may include subordinated services, such as delivery. Purchasers may be individuals or businesses

Our staff at the SLTDA are always on hand to assist potential investors.

Mr. Dayananda Ratnayake

+94 112 426 947 / +94 112 426 806




Travel Agents (Destination Management Companies)

Travel Agents (Destination Management Companies)

Travel Agencies is a retail business, that sells travel-related products and services, particularly package tours to customers, on behalf of suppliers, such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, sightseeing tours, and tour operators

In addition to dealing with ordinary tourists, most travel agencies have a separate department focused on arranging travel itineraries for business travelers. Certain travel agencies specialize in commercial and business travel. There are also travel agencies that serve as general sales agents for foreign travel companies, allowing them to have offices in countries other than where their headquarters are located. Our staff at the SLTDA are always on hand to assist potential investors.

Ms. Sandaprabha Kathriarachchi

+94 112 426 808






Water Sports Centre

With an endless variety of white sandy golden beaches, Sri Lanka offers a vibrant range of adventure sports in Sri Lanka. Azure waters with a colorful variety of marine species and unceasing spotless beaches offer ample opportunities for adventure sports in Sri Lanka. The colorful corals invite you to take the plunge into the deep waters.

You can also see several ancient wrecks, caves & fascinating reef formations while engaging in scuba diving, one of the major Sri Lanka adventure sports.

Sheltering over 90 species of freshwater fish & 21 species of crabs, Sri Lanka offers a fascinating experience of fishing, one of the major adventure sports in Sri Lanka. Several quiet bays lined up with a variety of private villas along the south coast offer you an exciting & wonderful experience with a variety of opportunities for adventure sports in Sri Lanka.

Our staff at the SLTDA are always on hand to assist potential investors.

Mr. M Jeyakrishnan

+94 112 426 908

Proposed Adventure Activities



Tourist Drivers

Registration for New drivers - for Training Programme


Applying for Driver ID Card - After the training programme



Registration Of Associations Involved In Tourism

Registration of Association in Sri Lanka Tourism
Tourism industry stakeholders have incorporated Associations Island wide to assist their members to market their products & services. As the focal point, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has decided to develop a proper communication channel with all the Associations involved in tourism by registering them.

Why registration is required?
The objective of this initiative is to standardize the Associations, their services and create a centralized database for easy and faster communication of the matters which are directly benefiting or affecting the industry such as a crisis.

Benefits of registration

  • Legal recognition as a Service Providers Association in tourism
  • Become a part of the tourism communication channel
  • Eligibility to apply for benefit packages offered by the Government
  • Attend professional development programs 
  • Eligibility to represent Sri Lanka in overseas promotional activities




Important Notice: You will need to upload the required documentation to the system as part of the registration or renewal application process. Please note that copies certified by a lawyer confirming their authenticity, and marked as "true copies," may be submitted via a special Courier Service.

The details of the courier service will be sent to you via email during the application process. This service is available for both new registrations and renewals of licenses. Please DO NOT send any original documents to SLTDA for verification purpose, or personally deliver documents to SLTDA. Please contact our help desk for any clarification.