Product Development

The vision of Sri Lanka Tourism is to establish and position Sri Lanka as Asia's most treasured and greenest island, with its beautiful beaches, warm and friendly people, with a strong nature, culture and adventure offering, raising its profile to that of an Asian tourism icon and make it the largest foreign exchange earner benefiting the stakeholders of tourism and the people of Sri Lanka.

To reach its vision, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority(SLTDA) strives to inspire, build and deliver 'Sri Lanka Tourism' as a key driver of Sri Lanka's economic growth, delighting our customers with passion and excellence, and enriching incomes of our stake holders. The Authority also hopes to benefit the Sri Lankan community by:

  • Being a catalyst to improve, enhance and maintain the much needed infrastructure

  • Establishing and enhancing a high quality product and service base to satisfy and delight tourists focusing on their safety and security

  • Ensuring a level of volume and yield generating tourists to sustain and grow investment in tourism.

  • Positioning Sri Lanka as a treasured island and a tourism Earth Lung working towards being carbon neutral making Sri Lanka a top of mind destination among potential customers.

  • Meeting the human resource demands of the industry through development of professionalism, skills development and training

  • Involving all sake holders in the formal and informal sectors, at the center and the regions, and within and out side of the industry to develop and promote Sri Lanka Tourism

  • Expanding the base of domestic tourism to better serve the travel needs of Sri Lankans and to help better promote international tourism

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is committed to

  • Developing Sri Lanka as a tourist and travel destination both in Sri Lanka and abroad,

  • Advising the Minister in charge of the subject Tourism on matters relating to travel and the tourism industry, within the policy formulated by Cabinet of Ministers, in relation to this sector;

  • Providing guidance to the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau to develop, promote and market Sri Lanka as a tourist and travel destination both in Sri Lanka and abroad;

  • Providing guidance to the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management to undertake human resource training and development activities;

  • Working towards the enhancement of the tourism and travel sectors in order to secure a contribution for the expansion and development of the Sri Lankan economy;

  • Developing and promoting adequate, attractive and efficient tourist services, inclusive of the hospitality industry in a sustainable manner;

  • Licensing and accrediting tourist enterprises in order to develop, enforce and maintain locally and internationally accepted standards in relation to the tourism industry and other related industries;

  • Encouraging persons or bodies of persons in the private sector to participate in the promotion of the tourism industry and the promotional and training activities connected with such industry;

  • And to do all such other acts as may be necessary or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives.

Taking the above into consideration, and in order to facilitate growth in the Tourism industry, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has teamed up with the government and private and foreign sectors to draw investment and further new and existing product development.