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Tourism Services

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) is committed to developing Sri Lanka's tourism services. Periodically reviews are undertaken and possible improvements and developments cited.

The SLTDA periodically

  • Identifies and develops its products and services

  • Formulates and implements varied Tourism Development Guidelines

  • Facilitates and implements relevant legal and administrative processes for new establishments

Products and Service Development

The SLTDA aids in

  • Facilitating the preparation of Regional Tourism Development Plans

  • Preparing/ facilitating Strategic Environment Assessments and measuring the impact on the environment



  • Establishes, maintains and supervises the Regional Tourism Offices

  • Identifies and maintains an inventory of potential development areas

  • Liaises with the SLTPB, Government Agencies, Provincial councils and Local on related areas of concern

Liaising with Government Authorities


The SLTDA maintains good relations with the varied government authorities in order to facilitate tourism infrastructure development and products and services development. The SLTDA aids in

  • Declaring tourism development areas and managing related functions

  • Acquiring lands for tourism development

  • Examining and verifying proposals for investment and processing of applications

New Tourism Product Development

The SLTDA is committed to help

  • Plan the development of new tourism products such as sports tourism, cruise

Tourism, Eco Tourism and Special Interest Tourism

The SLTDA liaises with potential investors for new projects/joint ventures and assists in implementing externally funded projects. Moreover it aids in preparing projects and other proposals for fund raising to facilitate products.

Services Development

Developing existing services is vital. The SLTDA helps

  • Facilitate information and data of products and services

  • Carry out research related to new products and services

  • Track new trends in products and services