Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Overview Of Our Industry

Colombo Kandy

Sri Lanka has always been a tourist destination. In the past, due to its strategic location, Sri Lanka attracted many merchants and explorers. Its uniqueness and size earned it the name 'Taprobane' and 'The Pearl of the Indian Ocean'.

Today, Sri Lanka offers leisure and business travellers a spectrum of attractions. The commercial cities, Colombo, Kurunegala and Kandy offer business travellers an array of business opportunities and trade options. The sandy white beaches and attractive underwater life that surrounds the island, gives its visitors a chance to unwind and relax in a warm and comfortable setting. The beautiful rain forests, mountain ranges and scenic plantations can be visited within a few hours (approx. 4-5 hours travel time), and visitors can also visit the wildlife sanctuaries that are located in this small miracle. The Sri Lankan Government together with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) are committed to the development and growth of the local tourism industry. The country’s Board of Investment (BOI) offer potential foreign investors lucrative incentives to start up with tourism establishments. Sri Lanka is an island to be explored and wondered! Discover its natural beauty and uniqueness so you may enjoy an experience of a lifetime.