Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Step by Step Process

If the investor has a specific tourism project in mind and has obtained land, the following step-by-step process begins:

  1. Collect a hard copy of the Tourism Investment Application Form from Sri Lanka Tourism or download a softcopy from

  2. Fill in the Application Form with assistance from OSU if required.

  3. Submit the application to OSU, whose staff will carry out a primary appraisal and liaise with necessary officials on the investor’s behalf.

  4. A joint site inspection will be scheduled by OSU and the investor notified. The joint inspection will be carried out by officials of the Urban Development Authority, Central Environmental Authority, Coast Conservation Department, Department of Wild Life Conservation and relevant local authorities. Upon completion an inspection report will be produced.

  5. Presentation to the scoping committee meeting consist of representative of all relevant government agencies.

  6. The Inspection report is presented to the OSU Scoping Committee Meeting.

  7. If the committee grants project clearance, this means the relevant government authorities have given approval for the project; however the project is still not cleared for construction.

  8. Building plans to be submitted to OSU by the investor for approval by the relevant agencies.

  9. OSU will issue the final clearance upon receiving relevant line agency approvals and UDA final building permits.

  10. The investor can there after commence construction.

  11. OSU will provide follow up and monitoring services and shall inform, if a need arises.


If the investor has a specific tourism project in mind but has not obtained land:

  1. Consult OSU about land available for tourism investment purposes.

  2. Provide a letter of intent in a specific format.

  3. OSU will then assist the investor in scheduling land inspections if it is SLTDA land and negotiating with landowners regarding price/lease.

  4. OSU will advise on any request for state lands.


If the investor is interested in investing in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry but is unclear about the type of project and location, OSU will set up a meeting at Sri Lanka Tourism, Colombo, or via Skype, to provide advice on current tourism projects and available opportunities.

  1. The investor can view a presentation on investing in Sri Lanka and obtain information on
    the various projects available for tourism investors. (

Investment Opportunities