Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Establishing School Travel Clubs

School Travel Club

In order to promote youth and domestic tourism, several travel clubs have been set up in varied schools across the country. The theme was ‘Travel to Learn; Learn to Travel.

At December 2007, there were 25 school travel clubs. Educational Zones covered to date include Galewela, Badulla and Matale. “Learn to Travel – Travel to Learn”

The island wide campaign to establish school travel societies.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, with the participation of the Ministries of Tourism in the Provincial Councils, has launched a youth travel scheme based in the schools of the island to encourage the active participation of the youth in the tourism industry. Based on forming school travel clubs, this scheme is being implemented with several basic objectives.

Objectives of School Travel Clubs :

  • Direct the students towards travel and exploration and inculcate in them an awareness and interest about the natural and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.
  • Building up friendship and cordiality among the schools and students through the student exchange programmes by training them on mutual hospitality in travelling from one area of the island to another.
  • Creating awareness among students of the possible maximum benefits in the tourism industry and providing them, with the necessary knowledge to minimise its adverse effects.
  • Creating an awareness among the students for them to plan for tourism industry related jobs in the future.
  • Organising at least one tour for the students per year.

In addition to organising educational tours to the places of natural or historical value in the island, these travel clubs are expected to carry out several other tasks such as exploring hitherto little known natural and historical tourist attractions in the neighbourhood of the schools where these travel clubs have been established and to bring them to the attention of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and the Ministries of Tourism in the relevant Provincial Councils and developing the strategies to keep these towns pleasant, attractive and tourist-friendly.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority further intends to implement a scheme to educate the students about the tourism industry and the concept of travel clubs, and to organise seminars, educational workshops, exhibitions and excursion camps too.

SLTDA is also planning to introduce foreign student groups to the members of the Travel Clubs and give them an opportunity to exchange ideas through this programme.

In collaboration with the Provincial councils in Sri Lanka SLTDA (Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority) has organized a special Tourism development program for youth .This program is based on school children.
Main Goals of the program are,

  • This program provides students with good understanding of international business of tourism with a wider environment, social and cultural context in which tourism business operates and practice in planning for tourism.
  • Make school children aware of the Sri Lankan culture and heritage.
  • Develop students’ Skills on tourism planning, echo-tourism and adventure tourism.
  • Organize at least one trip for a year.