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Siyane Samatha Wipassana Meditation Centre

Buddhist Meditation Centers for Tourists 

(01) Siyane Samatha Wipassana Meditation Centre,

Kanduboda, Delgoda Tel 01144518, 011570306


  • Bus Rout 224 Pugoda – Colombo
  • Distance 30 Kms’ away from Colombo.
  • Established in 1956, Land extend about 06 Acers

Facilities available:

  • 12 rooms available for Tourists (Male 06, Female 06)
  • Programs will be conducting in English Medium.
  • Common Toilets
  • 07 days to 03 weeks programs are available
  • Meals are provided (FOC)
  • Donations could be given

(02) Sumathipala Nahimi Aranya Senasena,

Kaduboda, Delgoda.Tel 0112402805


  • Next to the Siyane Samatha Wipassana Meditation Centre, Delgoda.
  • Bus Route 224 Pugoda – Colombo
  • Distance 30 kms’ away from Colombo
  • Land Extent about 12 Acers

Facilities available:

  • 55 person could be accommodate at once
  • Small Pantry, attached bathrooms are provided for all rooms
  • Special facilities are provided for families, elders and people with Sicknesses
  • 10 days to 03 weeks programs available
  • Daily Dhamma discussions at 4.30 to 6.00 pm
  • Hall facilities available for group of 50

Free of Charge Service and donations could be given

(03) Viveka Nikethan Rawathawaththa, Moratuwa.

( Attached to Sarvodaya)Tel 0112655653


  • Galle Road, Moratuwa.

Facilities available

  • Double and Single rooms are available for 18 persons
  • Common Hall is provided
  • Space and Time to be allocated in advance
  • No permanent Instructors & to be hired from Outside
  • Free of charge Service
  • Donations could be given

(04) Paramitha international Buddhist Centre,

Kadugannawa, Kandy. Tel 0812570732

  • 2 ½ hrs drive from Colombo (around 100 km)
  • Located in Hill and Green Forest environment, near to the Kadugannawa rock.
  • Established in 1998
  • Land extent about 07 Acers

Facilities available

  • 30 rooms available, in which 20 rooms are provided with attached Bathrooms
  • Hot Water facility is provided for rooms
  • Meditation Hall is provided and could be accommodated 500 people.
  • There is a time table for meditations and day to day activities.
  • Well established and high standard Library is available.
  • No permanent Instructors, but programs will be conducted by two Buddhist Monks from University of Peradeniya.
  • Meditation Facilities are provided by the four Foreigners.
  • Residential Facilities are provided for the 01 week to 01 month.
  • Free of charge meals( Only Vegetation meals)
  • Special in Chinese and Sri Lankan meals.
  • Reservations to be made 01 or 02 weeks in advance.

(05) Nilanbe Meditation Centre, Galaha, Peradenitya.


  • 20 kms’ away from Kandy – Galaha road
  • By bus drop at office junction on the same route and hire a three wheeler to the Meditation Centre.
  • Vehicle arrangements could be done from Katunayake Air Port to the Centre.
  • Located in a Hill surrounding with tea plantation covered 10Acres.

Facilities available

  • Most Suitable for Indivituals
  • Common Toilets are provided and no Electricity and Hot Water Facilities.
  • 27 Males and 26 Females could be accommodated at once.

Very calm and quite place but Toilet and Other Facilities to be upgraded


Meditation Centres in Hotels


The Meditation centre classification Committee has been visited Three Hotels which Meditation facility available in Southern Beach area.

  • Barberyan Reef Hotel, Beruwala.
  • Neptune Ayrweda Village, Beruwala
  • Iida Ayrweda Resort, Bentota


  • The Hotels had not been paid sufficient attention to the Meditation Programs
  • No Qualified Instructors to train the Meditations (If SLTDA provides the Qualified Teachers they would be able to do their Program better.)

Recommended Meditation Centers (As per the personal point of view of Committee Members)

(01) Thalagala Meditation Centre, Horena.


  • Bus route 208 Colombo – Horana (1 ½ hours)


  • Established in 1956 Contemporary the Establishment of “ Kanduboda Meditation Centre”
  • At least One Week Program will be conducted.
  • Public Toilet Facilities are available.
  • Facilities are same as “ Kanduboda Meditation Centre “.

(02) Dhamma Kuta Meditation Centre.

Hindhagala, Peradeniya. Tel 0812385774


  • Situated in Hindhagala in Kandy - Galaha Road


  • Established in 1983.
  • 10 days programs will be conduced at least.
  • The “Goinka “Meditation System is practiced.
  • Facilities will be provided to Individual Meditations.
  • Public Toilet Facilities are available.
  • Vegetarian Meals are provided.

(03) International “ Samatha Vipassana” Meditation Centre.

No. 108, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07. Tel 011269400


  • Located in a Small land area of Colombo City.


  • Attached with Kanduboda Meditation Centre.
  • Taught in English Medium by Monks
  • There are Small rooms Facilities are available for female and male separately.
  • Free of Charge Vegetarian Meals are will be provided.
  • Space and Time to be allocated in advance

(04) Thapowanaya, Kalapaluwawa, Rajagiriya.


  • Locate near to the Colombo City (Takes 20 minuets)
  • Beautiful location


  • Buddhist Monks will be instructed.

(05) Meth Saviya Manasa Education Development Maithree Committee Sri Wijeramaya,

Fedrick Road, Colombo 06. Tel 0714014467

  • Special Programs are conducted for the Young People
  • Only one research centre in Sri Lanka on meditation.
  • Usual Meditation Programs being conducted in 01 day to 03 week of duration yet no Specific Time Period.
  • Accommodation facilities are available for 10 foreign People.
  • Non residence programs are available for 100 – 150 people.
  • Reservations to be made 02 weeks in advance at least.
  • Other Meditation Centers of Meth Saviya is attached to the Pilikutthuwa Raja Maha Viharaya, Gampaha, and 99 existing caves are could be utilized for the Purpose of Meditation.

(06) Na Uyana Meditation Centre,,

Malsiripura Kurunegala.Tel 0375677328


  • Takes 03 hours to reach to the Location from Colombo – Dambulla Road ( Should be Turn from Malsiripura)
  • Accommodation facilities are available for over 30 Monks.
  • Located in a tropical Forest area

Determination for Classify Meditation Center

  • Easy to access.
  • Facilities for Foreigners (rooms and Toilet Facilities)
  • Teaching facilities in English/ Other Language.
  • Availability of Expert Teacher/ Teachers.
  • Long and short term Courses.
  • Suitable Environment for Meditation.
  • Deviate from the Business Purpose.
  • If there is any Payment it should be show in a Price Board for Public awareness.