Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

SLTDA Services

SLTDA is dedicated to seeing Sri Lanka as the foremost tourism destination in Asia and is committed to working towards pleasing their key stakeholders including domestic and international travelers.

In order to achieve this, SLTDA is committed to

  • Promote sustainable development of tourism as a key sector of the economy for the economic and social well being of the people.
  • Promote and reposition Sri Lanka in all relevant international markets and market segments.
  • Work towards delighting visitors (domestic and international) through effective and quality facilitation of access, accommodation and other services.
  • Utilize new info-technology tools to enhance the effectiveness of tourism marketing and operations.
  • Be catalytic in rallying the tourism industry to work as a team.
  • Generate high yield, income, and employment and contribute to regional development.
  • Work in close collaboration with all stakeholder sectors such as sports, arts, crafts, culture, environment, investment, trade, the media and communities.

Some of SLTDA’s activities include;

  1. Tourism Product Development

    SLTDA undertake tourism product development specializing in key product sectors within the tourism industry. We support both the marketing of the products concerned and investment in development of facilities in those categories for which financial incentive schemes are present based on the projects.

    To find out more about our development projects at Kalpitiya, Dedduwa Lake, Bentota and other areas please click here.

  2. Standard and Quality Assurance

    SLTDA supports individuals and establishments in meeting all required standards of excellence and is committed to liaise with the food, hospitality, accommodation and activity sectors to help develop capability and professionalism in the industry, drive demand and ensure the offerings available to visitors to fit for the evolving market and competitive positioning. Click here for more information

    For information on how to get advice and services for your accommodation product, including registration and classification. Click here for more information

  3. Tourism Marketing and Promotion

    Sri Lanka Tourism is committed to promote the destination in conjunction with all its industry stakeholders, in both the domestic and international markets. Part of the promotion include overseeing the activities of the authority's expanding overseas office network and SLTDA work closely with all national and international partners in media, travel trade and tourism professionals, who are enormously influential in the industry, to promote Sri Lanka as one of a kind unique destination.

    For more information or to contact Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau visit

  4. Research

    SLTDA publishes a monthly statistical bulletin and an Annual Statistical Report which indicates the performance of Sri Lanka Tourism in terms of tourist arrivals, foreign exchange earnings, creation of employment opportunities and hotel occupancy rates. These publications are available in our website. Click here for more information.

  5. International Affairs

    SLTDA has been attending many overseas meetings generating publicity to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination and to gather information regarding current market trends of international tourism and to exchange ideas among the UNWTO member countries on tourism. Click here for more information.

  6. Human Resource Development

    SLTDA is committed in developing industry professionals in collaboration with tourism stakeholders for the smooth functioning of sustainable tourism development. Some of its primary activities are;

    • Carrying out professional development programmes which involve training, consultation, conferences and exhibitions for industry professionals.
    • Training and licensing tourist guides in the country.
    • Enticing more potential individuals to seek employment within the tourism sector.
  7. Community Relations

    SLTDA has been undertaking the following as part of the community relations activities

    • Community awareness programmes
    • Introducing school travel clubs
    • Assistance for underprivileged schools
    • Teachers seminars on tourism
    • Career fairs
    • Education exhibitions
    • Radio programmes
    • Tourism mobile services
    • Janatha Sathkaraka Sevaya
    • Informal tourist service providers
    • Forums for tourism stakeholders
    • Training for tourism facilitators
    • World Tourism Day initiatives
    • Tourist Police
    • Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Tourism project (CCECT)

    Click here for more information

  8. Domestic Tourism

    This initiative was launched in September 2008 as a means of promoting domestic tourism by creating awareness for lesser know attractions and forgotten folklore.

    As a further step to enhance domestic tourism, SLTDA recently initiated regional tourism projects to promote “Lesser Known Attractions” in all provinces in the country. Click here for more information .

    Visit the website to find out newly discovered lesserknown tourist attraction Click here

  9. MICE tourism

    Part of SLTDA’s mission is to position Sri Lanka as the best MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition) gateway in Asia. The Sri Lanka Convention Bureau together with our MICE industry partners is committed in achieving this target and as part of its strategy conducts MICE road shows overseas. Visit

  10. Business Tourism

    With the end of the three decade long civil war in the country, many growth opportunities have been m identified in Sri Lanka. SLTDA has recognised business tourism as a key contributor for Sri Lanka’s long term economic, social and infrastructure development goals.

    Our close collaboration with private sector partners reflects a joint commitment to develop the sector’s opportunities which includes major expansion projects of meeting industry infrastructure and world class accommodation. For more information and to get marketing and investment advice on key tourism sectors click here.

To provide necessary support for the growth of tourism industry in Sri Lanka, all institutions related to Sri Lanka Tourism is dedicated to work in perfect harmony. To find out more about our institutions please click here.