Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

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Hub in the South Asian

The Tourism industry is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest industries. Similar to the tea industry, since the Silk Route merchants travelled to the East, Sri Lanka has always been an ideal destination to transit and visit. Its diversity is great even as its size is small in comparison to neighbouring countries.

Strategically located at the cross road of both east and west sea routes, Sri Lanka continues to serve as an easy point of entry to South Asia. With the political climate stabilising and the long drawn out Terrorist war, segregated in the North of the country, coming to an end, researches predict that Sri Lanka will soon develop into a major Global Logistics Hub in the South Asian region for trade, investment, communications, and financial services.
Sri Lanka’s open economy is ranked as the most liberalised economy in South Asia. Investors are provided with preferential tax rates, constitutional guarantees on investment agreements, exemptions from exchange control and 100% repatriation of profits.
The Sri Lanka Country Guide states that the country has

  1. Strategic access to the Indian markets,
  2. A highly literate and cost competitive labour force and
  3. Attractive and transparent laws.

Sri Lanka, though small in size, has limitless investment opportunities and offers investors a rich harvest for small investments.