Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Home and Overseas Promotions

Tourism in Sri Lanka is considered as a growth industry. Given the high returns estimate and its importance to the country’s economic growth, a focused plan to develop this lucrative market has been implemented by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB).
Strong investment and focused attention on marketing and reaching high yield markets, in countries such as UK, India, Middle East, Germany, Japan and China will help drive the strategic marketing plan, going forward.

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The SLTPB will pursue a major public relations drive that will strive to promote and build the country’s image. With the added expertise of a local advertising agency, the SLTPD is committed to building Sri Lanka’s brand image and market reach.
Currently, an in-house PR department has been placed; 6 PR agencies overseas are also in operation.

As competition within the tourism environment is growing, globally, the SLTPB is committed to see more foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka and also develop new initiatives that would keep the domestic market on an upward trend. The SLTPB’s goal is to see its innovative and ambitious strategy materialise, even as potential travellers visit Sri Lanka, thus converting a global fondness for the country into actual visitation and increased spending and dispersal.

Recently a tactical promotional campaign with the assistance of the private sector of the travel trade was implemented to create confidence among the visitors to Sri Lanka. The tactical campaign included special packages, domestic tourism campaigns, working with the Sri Lankan diaspora, advertising and media releases.