Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Building Up Domestic Tourism

Communities Training

Tasks and the criteria involved and suggested,

  • Setting up of school travel clubs island wide.
  • To develop staging facilities (comfort centres) after identifying the staging places on main roads leading to the major cities. Eg-. Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Ratnapura, Katharagama in association with the Provincial Councils, Local Authorities, Co-ops, SANASA and leading business communities in the area etc.
  • Preparation of an inventory on lesser known attractions in all the Provinces.
  • Compilation of information on religious and cultural events happening in the island.
  • Publication of an Accommodation Guide (including Pilgrim Rests, Circuit/ Estate Bungalows, Youth Hostels, Rest houses, Guesthouses etc.) for the benefit of the use of domestic tourists (budget travelers).
  • Preparation of a Tourist Guide Map for the use of domestic tourists.
  • Training of youth as site guides at major tourist sites to assist the domestic tourists.
  • Publication of Tourist Handbooks for the benefit of domestic tourists (by sponsorship)
  • Launch of a tourist friendly cities programme in major tourist areas.
  • Placing of tourist signages and Direction Boards leading to tourist attractions with the assistance of sponsors.
  • Launch of clean & green campaign at major tourism sites / cities.
  • Conducting of surveys on the impact of domestic tourism through the school travel clubs and undergraduates who are studying tourism.
  • Conducting of awareness raising programmes on the code of ethics for travelers.
  • Encourage the travel agents to introduce budget tour packages for the domestic tourists.
  • Launch of media campaigns in the island.
  • Have a advisory committee on domestic tourism - Have a code of ethics for domestic tourists