Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Community Relations

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is committed to building and maintaining good relationships with the Sri Lankan community. Ensuring that strong relationships are fostered is vital to Sri Lanka's tourism industry as, if the community is disgruntled with the Tourism Establishments, they could have an adverse reaction and have an affect on the Sri Lankan image.

The objectives of Community Relations are as follows,

  • Keeping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the tourism industry
  • To create awareness among the local community, stakeholders in tourism on the value of tourism, its benefits and how to minimise its adverse effects.
  • To train tourist service providers and get them into the formal stream.
  • Educate the school children on building up a good travel culture based on their school tours and educate them on sustainability of the environment, cultural and social values.
  • To mark and add value to social and cultural events.

Tasks and the criterea involved and suggested,

  • Conducting awareness raising programmes for the community, school children, teachers, principals, tourism stakeholders (Hoteliers, guest house owners, vendors, taxi drivers etc) & tourism facilitators.
  • Conducting training programmes, exams and assisting to issue licenses for guides, tourist facilitators, provisional guides, touts, tourist taxi drivers, vendors & safari taxi drivers etc.
  • Participating for exhibitions & career fairs (National & Provincial) organised by the Government Institutes, Local Authorities, Universities etc.Deyata Kirula,Shilpa, Sigiri Mela
  • Participating for mobile services organised by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and to make aware the informal sector tourist stakeholders in order to get them into the main stream.

Setting up of School Travel Clubs Island wide.
Aims, Objectives and Benefits of the School Travel Clubs are,

  • The aim of the school travel club programme is to motivate students to travel on a theme, “TRAVEL TO LEARN, LEARN TO TRAVEL”.
  • This programme provides opportunities not only to travel but also to acquire a wide knowledge on tourism and its activities.
  • This programme will be useful for the students, to foster friendship and understanding among the students of different areas in the country and also too in other countries.
  • Develop and appreciate the cultural and natural heritage of Sri Lanka and in other countries.
  • Foster friendship and understanding among the students of different areas and countries by playing host to visiting guests of schools or youth organizations from other areas in Sri Lanka and other countries.
  • Impart knowledge of tourism, its benefits and potential adverse effects.
  • Organize educational trips to places of cultural and natural attractions and explore the new places of tourist interest around the areas where the school travel club is formed.
  • Assist in making the cities more interesting to tourists and more beautiful.
  • The ultimate aim of this programme is to establish a good travel culture among the youth.